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The Fourth Annual Reunion of the Northeast USA Vietnam Veterans Reunion Association, Inc. will take place on July 25, 26 and 27, 2003, Doman Road, Freehold, New York (30 miles southwest of Albany, NY) A Memorial Service will take place at noon on July 26, 2003.

Some 1300 vets and their families participated in Reunion 2002 on Doman Road in Freehold. 2002 was by far the largest gathering so far in the three-year history of the Association. There were so many stories of reuniting with comrades - some not having seen each other for 36 years. All so happy just to know that their buddies were still alive and well. The Reunion Association is so energized by the success of the last three years that we are looking forward to an even larger crowd and even more reunions among those who attend.

All in country and era Vietnam Vets (and their families) are invited to attend this yearís reunion/campout to take place on July 25, 26 and 27, 2003 with the highlight of the event being the Memorial Service at noon on July 26, 2003. Bring a tent, a camper, a van, or just a sleeping bag. Thereís plenty of room. For those who prefer, there are motels and bed and breakfasts nearby. Restroom and showers will be available around the camping area. Youíre welcome to bring your own food and barbecues will be available. Please no campfires; itís a wooded area. Weíll be serving hamburgers and hot dogs throughout the weekend. Following the Memorial Service on Saturday, weíll have a pig roast and chicken barbecue. Coffee and pastry will be available for breakfast every morning.

Just a word of caution, many of us are on various medications, many of us donít drink, so there wonít be any alcohol available. If you plan to bring your own, out of respect for those who canít and donít imbibe, letís keep it to a minimum. This is a residential area, although rural, so it goes without saying that you should leave your weapons at home. Last year we marked midnight as the end of the dayís festivities in order for all to get a good nightís sleep and it was very successful. As in past years, no vendors will be allowed at the Reunion. There is no camping fee or entrance fee, however, any donations will be greatly appreciated and will help to defray the costs of the Reunion.

The prior reunions have been very informal. Evenings were spent around the campfire with entertainment provided by Bunker Bill and many others. Our hope for 2003 is that the ambiance of the last three years will remain the same, expect for a bigger fire and many more chairs around it.

Just a little more about the Memorial Service. Its intention is to honor the 58,135+ Americans who gave their lives and the 2,267+ Americans still listed as missing in action with a special POW/MIA ceremony. Honor guards from the area will attend, as well as a firing squad from Camden, NY. Three outstanding speakers, all Vietnam Vets, will participate in the Service. All are invited, including the general public, to attend the Saturday Service.

For more information, please call or email any one of the following: John Kellegher, 518-634-7748, Jim Sill 518-966-5295,; Ken Boger, 908-654-6793,; T. J. Smith 518-634-2499,; Bill Fay, 518-634-7967,; Mark Manley, 863-465-0163,; Walter Boes 518-634-2021,; Don Law 315-363-7871, Any of these vets would be more than happy to hear from you and help in any way. The planning process has begun and weíre hoping that many will come. If you are coming, or even think you might be able to come, please let us know. If, at the last minute, you find you can make it, please - by all means - just come ahead. Weíll be here