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My 2 Tours in Vietnam with the Marine Corps Amtracs

  CO.A,1st Amtrac Btn,4th Mar-Div And H&S CO,3Dbtn 4TH MARINES


Made the original landing in CHULAI in 65 with the MARINE CORPS and was on operation Starlite.2nd Tour went up to the Dmz

LVT E-1 mine clearance vehicle

   Pic in Chu-viet dmz H&S co.3rd mardiv ,Im on the left, not sure of names of other 2 

These days at a Goldmine in the foothills of Mt Baker in northwest Washington

More pics


The following link is in honor of my platoon leader LT.COCHRAN  who lost his life in a most gallant way on operation Starlite aug-65. A NAVY CROSS seems most inadequate. I remember asking him if he thought there would be many enemy when we got there. His reply was" Should be enough to go around"